2008 Activity Highlights

The Gran Pacifica Shareholder Meeting, January, 2008.

The CHESS Service Project - January 13, 2008 - Calle Nueve School - Repairing and Setting Up a Mini-Library - Celebrating with the Community

Photography provided by Joe Griffin Photography


January throughout 2008
-Reconstruction and Building and Equipping of mini-libraries in designated CHESS schools.
-Computer Training Program for Teachers in designated CHESS schools. January throughout 2008

January 2008
Collection of school-based and health-based data from the 12 schools and 3 health posts

February 2008
Health and Dental Care Workshop for pre-school and primary school teachers

February - May 2008
IDEUCA Certificate Course - Guiding Elementary Teachers in Self-Reflective and Comprehension Methods in the Teaching of Reading and Writing.

March - June 2008
History and Archeological Study Project for Teachers, children and families in CHESS schools.

April 3, 2008
Fence Building Project at Santa Barbara School.

June - July 2008
Collection of mid-year school and health data for evaluation component of CHESS

August 2008
National Conference for English Teachers.

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