If you want to make a contribution to the CHESS project, please choose one of the two options:

1. In United States:
Rotary Club of Pittsburgh Foundation
555 Grant Street Suite 328
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
PH: 412-471-6210
Fax: 412-471-6211

Please mark your donation for CHESS-Nicaragua. You will earn a U.S. charitable tax deduction.
Any questions regarding your donation may be directed to:
Dr. Schuyler Foerster, International Service Chair
Ph: 412-281-7070, Email:

2. In Nicaragua:
Please make a check to Hope and Development Foundation. This is the Nicaraguan registered foundation through which we run our social projects.

Banco de Finanzas (BDF) account number in Dollars: 106-300073-2
Banco de Finanzas (BDF) account number in Cordobas: 105-300055-6

Please email us regarding any questions or

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